blue mountains disaster ready fund

The purpose of the Blue Mountains Disaster Ready Fund is to build funding for disaster readiness within the City of Blue Mountains. It will fund community water infrastructure, neighbourhood communication platforms and strategies, projects and initiatives that reduce disaster risk and support community preparedness.

Projects will include:

  • Community workshops and events
  • Community water tanks at the end of flame zone streets
  • Neighbourhood news sites to connect all sectors of the community and share solutions to reduce the risk of future disasters

We are a Sub Fund of the Sydney Community Foundation, a public not-for-profit foundation and registered charity which manages all aspects of our governance. 

Thanks to this partnership we are able to accept tax deductible donations. Funds raised will be invested and managed by the Sydney Community Foundation on behalf of the Blue Mountains Disaster Ready Fund and implemented on behalf of the community by the Blue Mountains Planetary Health Initiative.

If you need any assistance with your donation, please contact the staff at the Sydney Community Foundation 02 8030 7050 or email